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Jul 4, 2012
@ 10:56 pm
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May 18, 2012
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now i gotta watch the whole series again or attempt to watch at least the first 4 seasons this summer. watching random reruns on Lifetime won’t cut it until September and new Grey’s start. TOO LONG. TOO FAR. i mean,i know they’ll be rescued now that they have contracts but damn,they would have ALREADY been rescued if they could signed that ish like 4 months ago! poor Derek and his poor hand,hope it’s not too effed up. Mark is gonna be sups depressed or go all man whore like when he first came on the show(Addison should come back when Private Practice is over to console him,yesss!) and Meredith is gonna be all dark & twisty again(which i actually loooove) and Cristina has to stay at Seattle Grace because she has to take over Teddy’s job now. Owen can go though,I’ve never cared for him. Avery also can stay because he’ll be all sad about Lexie too and he’ll need to help Mark through this. bromance. flippin Arizona better just have a badly broken leg and be in a wheelchair or something too. i think it’ll be kinda cool to show Ben as an intern at Seattle Grace too because Bailey is always so busy and he’ll be busy and she’ll see how it issss. that is all. i’ll miss you until the fall,Grey’s.